Our vision

Natural gas is an essential element of the energy mix, in Switzerland and in the world. Gaznat is committed to developing and promoting this commodity, so that it take its rightful place and make a full contribution to the achievement of the energy transition. Green gases (biogas and synthetis methane) as well as hydrogen are bound to become important energy sources in the future. Gaznat thus wishes to contribute to a carbon-neutral supply by 2050. 

Through its research and development efforts, Gaznat is committed to contribute to the advancement of the gas industry, with a future-oriented approach. 

Our Commitments

Gaznat is committed to satisfy and anticipate the natural/renewable gas demands of its customers and partners, at the best possible price conditions. 

With a solid experience in its domain, Gaznat is committed to offer competitive, tailor-made and high-quality services to each customer and partner, while giving absolute priority to environmental protection and the safety of people and property. 

As a trustworthy actor in the energy sector, Gaznat is committed to exploit its network and infrastructures in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner. 

Aware of the importance of gas infrastructures for the energy transition, Gaznat is committed to improve its business model, in order to contribute to the achievement of the Swiss energy strategy in the best possible way.