Cornaux power station

Combined-cycle gas turbine plant (gas turbine and steam turbine) that generates electricity.


CO2, also known as carbon dioxide or carbonic gas, is a colourless, inert, non-toxic gas.

Its natural sources are numerous: volcanic eruptions, plant, animal and human respiration, forest fires, decomposition of organic material, combustion, etc.

Due to human activity, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing every year by an average of 0.5%, which represents a 30% increase over the last two centuries. It is the main greenhouse gas.


Cogeneration is a method of producing electricity and heat simultaneously.


Saturation of the gas transportation network that limits the opportunity for commercial transactions. This regularly occurs at the borders between the European countries, and partly accounts for the persistent differences in market prices in Europe.

Coalbed methane

It is a gas naturally contained in coal and usually burned or released into the atmosphere during its extraction. Its industrial exploitation would allow for greater energy efficiency in coal mining and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

CEGH - Central European Gas Hub

CEGH is the operator of the Virtual Trading Point in Austria.

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