PEG (Point d'Echange de Gaz)


"The exchanges on the wholesale natural gas market take place on virtual points of the French gas transmission network called Gas Exchange Points (PEG). These points are used for exchanges between gas suppliers and for the supply of gas to gas transmission system operators for daily balancing. There is a PEG in each of the French network's market zones: the PEG North and the TRS (Trading Region South, which groups together the balancing zones of GRTgaz South and Teréga). On November 1, 2018, the two marketplaces 〈merged〉 to form the TRF (Trading Region France)."

Source: French Energy Regulatory Commission

PSV - Punto di Scambio Virtuale

Italy's Virtual Trading Point.

"A virtual point located between the entry and exit points of the national gas transportation network, where users and other authorised parties may, on a daily basis, exchange and sell gas injected into the network."

Source : Snam

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